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Zeneland meeting with National Cancer Society Malaysia on 2/4/21.

YB How

Business meeting with Yg Bhg How Ying Chong for collaboration on 12/04/21.

MHHO Meeting

Covid-19 briefing in MHHO clinic on 6/5/21 before seeing patients.

Home Visit to a Cancer Patient

Home visit to a cancer patient for H2 Hydrogen Therapy on May 2021.

After 2 hours of treatment, uncle T’s :

  • Stomach is much more comfortable
  • Pain level has decreased 1 point
  • Family members are so happy that uncle T is able to drink 600ml of H2 water within the 2 hours, whereas before, he was only taking a few sips of water per day

Interview Session by

Zeneland is proud to be interviewed by media on 15/5/21 about our natural and non-invasive therapeutic therapy services.

CPD as a Professional Therapist

Participation in Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

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