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What is Family Constellation?
Family Constellation is a science and psychology technique created by Bert Hellinger. This technique uses hidden visual representation, and this will allow us to see how it can affect our action, consciousness, and motivation.

You will see entanglements that you might have since childhood or certain past events that you still cannot let go of. Besides family, other aspects of life, such as money, health, and relationships, can also be determined.

If you are facing one of these:

  • Streams of income is often blocked, or expenditure is always higher than your income
  • Career is not going well, you dislike your job but stayed because of money, low motivation, get yourself caught in office politics
  • Had an abortion/miscarriage/stillborn child before
  • Unable to maintain an intimate relationship, unable to get rid of the past relationship(s), or have difficulties developing a new relationship
  • Marriage issue, feelings for each other faded, a wall between each other that blocks healthy communication
  • Your kid is rebellious and doesn’t know how to get along
  • Worry about the future, would like to start a business but unsure of the choice
  • Health problems
  • Family conflict, don’t know how to resolve problems with parents
  • Facing insecurity, loneliness, no one understands you, you distance from others
  • Excessive stress, insomnia, gets irritated easily, unexplained violent behavior
  • Have constant lingering fears of death
  • Want a better self but can’t seem to breakthrough
  • Would like to find out your life purpose


Have you been ignoring these?

Now is an excellent time to face and solve it.

Join our upcoming Family Constellation Workshop

2 September 2023 (Saturday), 9am to 6pm
Register for the session now (Whatsapp: +(60)16 – 2061 859)

Your new life transformation begins now!

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Charity Event

Zeneland visited Rumah Charis in PJ, Kuala Lumpur, on 9/12/20 for a charity workshop.