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Zeneland focuses on a safe, natural, and non-invasive way to heal your body, mind, and soul with evidence-based, scientifically proven results and therapeutic effects.

Let Me Introduce

I’m Mia Leow –

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

from Malaysia.


We strongly believe each of the individuals has his healing ability. The healing comes primarily from within.

We respect western medicine and identify with its effectiveness in helping one achieve his health, but also believe in other non-mainstream clinical treatments that could help people gain a healthier body and mind.

Zeneland provides natural and holistic alternative ways to uplift your body, health, mental energy, and spirit level. We offer therapy programs in Clinical Hypnotherapy (Hypnosis), H2 Hydrogen Therapy, Brain Focusing Program, and Holistic Blocked Energy Removing Therapy.


Mia Leow – Founder of Zeneland Healthcare

What we offer to you

Our Therapy Services

H2 Hydrogen Therapy

Hydrogen molecules could penetrate cells to clear the harmful free radicals. Direct hydrogen inhalation could prevent and improve health problems from the root, remove inflammation factors effectively, inhibit tumor cell/cyst growth (e.g., breast/ovary), reduce the side effects from chemotherapy, and many more.

Cancer Patients (H2 would not interfere with the efficacy of chemotherapy), Depression, Pregnant Women, Diabetes, Post Covid Patient, Stroke, Sinus, Migraine…

Clinical Hypnotherapy

The Ministry of Health Malaysia MOH endorsed clinical Hypnotherapy / Hypnosis. Hypnosis is a very natural state of mind; when thinking passes to the subconscious, brain cells produce a corresponding impression that benefits us. The patient remains consciously aware during the therapy.

Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Phobia, Panic Attack, Weight Management, Stress Management…

Brain Focusing Program

Brain Focusing Program with EEG Headset and Biosensor technology, providing you with a mental workout in the process.

The brain exercise boosts, focusing effectiveness with neurofeedback. It detects your mental state and trains your mind to reach instant and consistent focus while also help you to achieve peak mental fitness.

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Stroke, After Chemo, Student…

Our Corporate Clients

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Customers' Feedback


“Always having over 110bpm heart rate of bpm in the past one year.
– Heart Rate Before H2:115bpm
– Heart Rate After 1st time of H2:89bpm

Comment by Wife:
Can sleep more hours than before.”


Hydrogen Therapy

Symptom / Issue:
Severe Anxiety and Depression, High Stress.

“After chemotheraoy, I suffered from extreme fatigue, migraines, and inflammation. Besides, losing me a sense of smell, having difficulty sleeping, concentrating/focusing issues, and general PTSD symptoms.

After 10 sessions of H2 Therapy, I generally have more energy, have regained my sense of smell, and I can focus better and logically complete tasks.

The depression and fatigue have lessened and my head feels less heavy. My oil glands on my face and neck have started to produce oil, and my left ear, which was stiff, is more pliable.”


Hydrogan Therapy

Symptom / Issue:
Side effects symptons from Chemotherapy, Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Focusing Issue.

“After 1 Session of Hypnotherapy

Sleeping Pattern Before Hypnotherapy: Only able to sleep at 3:00 a.m. or 4:00 a.m.
Sleeping Pattern After Hypnotherapy: Able to sleep at around 8:00 p.m.
Phobia Level before Hypnotherapy: 5
Phobia Level Right After 1st Hypnotherapy: Tremendously reduced to 0 phobia.

Comment by mother: Tremendous improvement after 2 sessions of hypnotherapy. Able to perform incredibly good discipline in daily life. Attitude wise needs to be observed.”

Xiao X

Hydrogen Therapy & Hypnotherapy

Symptom / Issue:
Insomnia, Phobia, Discipline Issue

“My blood pressure dropped to normal after the Hydrogen Therapy. Hope this will improve my health.”


Hydrogen Therapy

Symptom / Issue:
High Blood Pressure Reading (Borderline to High BP)


这两种病已经困扰我一年了。在这一年里有无数次想轻生的念头,但是做了8次的H2 治疗和加入了医学催眠治疗,很明显的,我的情绪和思想都不一样了,有很大的改善。

​希望加下来会越来越好,谢谢您 Mia。

4/9/2020 – 30/10/2020
​以前不敢自己上洗手间;现在自己可以上 toilet.”

Jen. S

Hydrogen Therapy & Hypnotherapy

Symptom / Issue:
Severe Depression, Anxiety, Suicidal Tendency

“Very calm and peaceful therapist.

Comment by mother:
I saw my son felt comfortable during the session.
5 Stars! Hope everything will be better.”


Hydrogen Therapy

Symptom / Issue:
Tourette Syndrome, Anxiety

“I feel lighten and relaxed after the first hypnotherapy. No more anxiety, and I feel released and elated. Hopefully, I can be fully recovered. I feel so grateful, thank you Mia. “



Symptom / Issue:
Anxiety for about 20 Years, Insomnia.

placeholder image

“Hydrogen Therapy improves my overall health and vitality. It reduces my stomach bloating and helps me to sleep more soundly. Before that I felt sleepy after lunch at work, but after Hydrogen Therapy, I never feel sleepy anymore even sometimes I sleep late at night and wake up early. I recommend Hydrogen Therapy to everyone who wants to maintain their health.”


Hydrogen Therapy

Symptom / Issue:
Gastrointestinal Upset, Sleeping Disorder.

placeholder image


Before therapy: Taking 2 sleeping pills daily.
*She was taking 1 sleeping pill daily since year 2016 and added to 2 pills daily since year 2020.
After H2 Therapy within a month: No need to rely on sleeping pill.”


Hydrogen Therapy

Symptom / Issue:
Breast Cancer, Insomnia

placeholder image

“Highly recommended H2 Therapy, it helps my mom to reduce chemo side effect and sleep well. Thanks Mia for her patience and professionalism.”

Comment by daughter


Hydrogen Therapy

Symptom / Issue:
Breast Cancer, Kidney Failure, No Appetite.

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